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Odor Removal

Does your home have unwanted odor problems?

We can treat a variety of odors such as but not limited to:

  • Dog and Cat Urine Odor
  • Curry and Food Odors
  • Smoke Odors
  • Musty Odors

Solutions For Your Entire Home

Magic Carpet can remove smells throughout your entire home. Whether the odor originates from the air, walls, carpet, or any other surface, we have the solution for you. The source of the odor will depend on how we treat the problem.

For example, smoke odors are treated with a fog type treatment. Smoke rises and is found on the walls, ceiling and in the ventilation system. The carpet needs to be cleaned to remove the tar residue left behind from smoking.

Dog and cat odors are treated from the carpet and/or pad only.

Chemical Treatments

Odors that are treated from the carpet and/or pad involve a series of steps for guaranteed odor elimination. A technician pulls the carpet back to expose the padding. If the padding is affected with urine, it must be removed and replaced with new padding. If the subfloor is affected, we must apply a sealant. New padding is installed and the back and front of the carpet is treated with an acid to open up the urine salts. Then an enzyme is added to complete the process by neutralizing the contamination allowing it to be broken down so it can be extracted out of the carpet.

Problems can occur by cleaning over pet urine only without doing a complete GOC procedure. Pet urine salts are sticky and cannot be removed by adding water or steam cleaning. Steam cleaning using HOT water activates the urine salts and increases the intensity of the odor. This odor depending on how far it’s affected into the floor may go away after cleaning or may persist more intensely after cleaning. The only way to guarantee removal of the odor is to do a complete GOC odor elimination service on the area.

Topical Treatments for Pet Urine

Topical treatment only for pet urine odor elimination is also available. Upon request, we can treat only the top portion of the carpet with the acid/enzyme treatment. The acid will only break down the urine that it can physically treat contact and allow that portion to be removed from the top of the carpet. We cannot guarantee this service since we are not treating the actual source (pad/subfloor) of the odor. Many homeowners will try this option first as it is less expensive.

Ozone Purification

Unwanted and unpleasant odors can be treated with the professional grade ActiveO Ozone Odor Control Machine. Ozone removes odor by destroying the molecules that cause unpleasant smells. O3 is a highly reactive molecule which quickly reacts with particles that it comes into contact with in the air and on surfaces. The extra oxygen atom attaches itself to the unpleasant smell molecule and chemically changes their structure to create a new molecule which eliminates the smell.

Ozone machines can be used in a variety of locations where an unwanted odor is present.

When an ozone machine is present, anything living that requires oxygen cannot be present in the space while it is running. Most ozone machines are installed and run through a 24-hour cycle. Depending on the severity of the odor a longer cycle of time may be required.

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