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Water Removal

Got Water on the floor? URGENT!
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As a homeowner, we understand the need for immediate response when you have undergone a traumatic event such as a hot water heater leak, septic tank backup, broken frozen pipes or groundwater entry. You are stressed, upset and panicking.

Call Magic Carpet for Quick Water Removal! With a fast response time, certified technicians and proper drying equipment; we are able to get your home back to “dry standard” in record time. With over 300 pieces of drying equipment, no job is too small or too big.

We Work With Your Insurance

We work directly with insurance companies and the adjuster. With the claim number provided, no upfront money is required. Hassle FREE!

Mildew & Odor Prevention Treatment Specialists: most microorganisms start to grow within 12-24 hours after water loss. We stop mold and mildew with our prevention treatment. We install new padding and reinstall your carpet if the adjuster does not approve of new carpet. “Whatever we take apart, we put back together.” Like New Again!

Moisture Detection Devices are used to monitor and measure moisture readings to ensure the structure reaches “dry standard” in the appropriate amount of time. We provide Inspection Reports, Drying Record and Photographic Documentation to the Insurance Company.

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“Do it the right way, The Magic Way!”

Specialized Equipment for Drying

  • Turbo Air Movers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Inject I Dry System (used inside wall cavities and cabinets)
  • Hard Wood Floor Drying System (We can SAVE your floors)