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Carpet Cleaning

At Magic Carpet we use Hot Water Extraction & Truck Mounted Equipment to clean your carpet.

What is Hot Water Extraction?

Hot water Extraction Carpet Cleaning (known as steam cleaning which eliminates dust, allergens & sanitizes) is when hot water is flushed into the carpet through the carpet wand, the soil is suspended up through the fibers, and the vacuum from the truck mount removes suspended soils and excess water from the carpet.

To loosen and suspend the soil particles and break them down prior to extraction, we use a “preconditioning” treatment. This treatment is safe for children and pets and environmentally friendly.

Consumer Tip

Vacuuming only removes between 79-81% of soil from the carpet so each time the rest is left behind. Carpet acts as a filter in your home and with any other filter you change it on a maintained basis. The carpet in your home filters human and pet dander, gasses, and soil. Carpet cleaning helps eliminate these filtered particles creating a healthier home environment for your family.

Leading carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets be cleaned every 12-18 months.

Rotovac Carpet Cleaning

Rotovac Carpet Cleaning being used by one of our cleanersWe offer a Deep Cleaning service for carpet cleaning if you feel your carpet needs a “restorative” type cleaning…Restorative meaning bringing or restoring it to a like new condition. The Rotovac Machine has 6 vacuum type jets that resemble a wand head; it rotates under its own power. It offers a deep carpet cleaning and power scrubbing type effect without grinding or scrubbing a detergent with an abrasive type method. The Rotovac carpet cleaning machine is stocked on each Magic Carpet van and can be added to any service for an additional service fee.

Rinse Process after Carpet Cleaning

Our company runs a rinsing agent through the truck mount equipment to help remove excess soils and waste from the carpet fibers as well as speeding up the dry time. This extra step helps to decrease the chances for re-soiling issues by assuring all treatment solution is removed.

Dry Time after Carpet Cleaning

After our carpet cleaning service, on average it will take up to 6-8 hours for complete dry time. Factors that affect dry time are the grade of the carpet and soil content in the carpet. Some carpets can take up to 18 hours dry time. Carpet will dry faster with better air flow. So running your air or heat depending on the outside temperature and turning on ceiling fans and any portable fans you have will help reduce dry time. Customers in Georgia do not need to open windows, this will prolong the dry time with the humidity in our air.

The carpet will not be excessively wet to the touch after cleaning. It will feel “cold” to the touch. It is best to stay off the carpet after cleaning until complete dry time is reached, but not necessary.

How to Expedite Dry Time after Carpet Cleaning?

We can offer turbo air movers as the carpet cleaning service is completed. An air mover will reduce dry time by up to 2 hours if placed in a room for 15 minutes. This service is available upon request but will incur additional fees for set up and placement of equipment. Magic Carpet vans are stocked with air movers.

Truck Mounted Equipment vs. Portable Equipment

Magic Carpet's Truck Mounted EquipmentTruck mounted equipment is mounted within the truck itself. It is a more powerful and efficient machine than a portable unit. A propane heater is mounted within the truck which heats the water giving you the hot water carpet cleaning experience.

With a truck mount, the only equipment that will enter your home is a technician, carpet cleaning wand, water hose, and suction hose. All the waste water that is removed from your carpet cleaning goes straight into the waste tank within the truck. No waste water is dumped within your house or on your property. A portable unit can only hold so much water and is eventually dumped in a bathtub to complete the job.

Carpet Protector

After carpet cleaning is complete we can apply a Commercial Grade Teflon Carpet Protector. This protector creates an invisible barrier that repels dirt, soil, oil, and water. This is well worth the money! This product will keep soils from penetrating the carpet fibers and reduce staining and soiling issues on your carpet. It will also let fluids bead up on top of carpet and allow you time to get a towel to blot off before it penetrates the fibers and causes soiling issues.

How to Prep Your House for Carpet Cleaning?

Before we arrive you need to have all loose items picked up off the floor and move any furniture you wish (but not necessary) if you are not using our service for furniture moving. You will need to vacuum your carpet before we arrive. Why do you vacuum your carpet? It is a proven fact that vacuuming only removes 79-81% of dry soil in your carpet. Vacuuming before will give you a better carpet cleaning job by removing this soil before the carpet cleaning process. Magic Carpet vans do not carry vacuum cleaning machines. The vans are limited on room for carpet cleaning products, stain removers, equipment and other necessary products to provide a professional job that you are 110% satisfied with.

Common Concerns with Wet Carpet Cleaning

You have probably heard from someone that once you wet clean your carpet it will get dirty faster and will never be the same…

This can be true if your source rented a carpet cleaning machine from the grocery store or hired a portable carpet cleaning company. These types of cleans are done with portable machines. A portable unit usually leaves the carpet over wet. This causes excessive dry time and can cause delamination of the backing of your carpet. Therefore, it will fall apart and break down faster.

Another issue is these machines and the operators are not professional certified carpet cleaners. They add excessive soaps and carpet cleaning agents to the carpet and then expect a nonefficient machine to remove them. So soap remains in the carpet and your re-soiling issue begins.

That is why it is very effective to use the acid rinse through the truck mount to assure that this does not happen.

Carpet Cleaning Programs



This program is designed for the twice a year carpet cleaning consumer: A certified Magic Carpet Technician will come out and give a free onsite estimate. Based on the estimate the homeowner can choose which areas to be cleaned and protected (Commercial Grade Teflon Protector). The homeowner will be responsible for the entire bill on the initial service but will receive the protector at a 50% discount. In 6 months we will come back out and re-clean all the same areas of carpet for FREE, and the protector will be reapplied and its original charge. The technician will use turbo blowers in each area of carpet cleaned to maximize dry time.



This program is designed for the once a year carpet cleaning consumer: The consumer will receive with their professional carpet cleaning and protector, a one year warranty on the Commercial Grade Teflon Protector. If the professional bottle of At-Home Spotter will not remove a stain, then a certified technician will come out and remove the stain at no charge within one year from date of service. Exclusions to this are but not limited to: stains from kool-aid, mustard, fruit juices, wine, paint, ink, toner, markers, coffee, and any other stains that are caused by a dispersed dye. A minimum of 4 Areas of Carpet Cleaning applies.

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