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How to get Pet Urine out of Area Rug

Posted on May 13, 2014

In today’s world, pets are a common family member in our homes. If you have dogs, cats or possibly both; you might have encountered a urine mess along the way.

So its been a long day at work and you come home to find the unpleasant smell of urine in your area rug. This rug is an investment, you have purchased it for many hundreds of dollars and rightly so, you are ANGRY! What is going to happen to this rug? Is it trash? Can it be saved?

Looking at your pets…they are pointing the paw at each other…no one taking the blame!

Pet Urine Removal by Certified Specialists

At Carpet Cleaning Atlanta by Magic Carpet, we are certified Area Rug Cleaning Specialists. Pet Contamination Removal is our specialty. Removing pet urine is an added step to the cleaning process and it does incur additional money; but the overall result of a clean, contamination FREE area rug can be achieved.

Here is the 411 on Pet Urine.

  • It is sticky because of the urine salts.
  • Its smelly.
  • It can be cleaned by a professional company but an enzyme must be used on it to open the sticky urine salts and extract them out of the rug.

Thoughts you may be having

Can’t I go to the pet store, buy an enzyme product, and clean it myself?

This sounds all well and good…but area rugs are specialized products. They have complex dye structures and many made out of wool. Wool, for example is a natural fiber, which once wet will smell like a wet dog. Now you have a wet dog smell with your urine smell. Also, rugs have glue on the backing. Some glues breakdown and degrade when exposed to water. Many chances for things to go wrong.

Protect Your Rugs

It is best to let the professionals that are certified handle this type of job if you want to protect your investment. When calling a professional AREA RUG cleaning company, ask if they are certified in area rug cleaning. Yes, they need to be!

Steps of the area rug cleaning process:

  1. The rug is inspected for damage, stains, wear and dye stability. The customer is contacted with detailed information on the rug, how it will be cleaned and the cost.
  2. The rug is dusted.
  3. The rug is vacuumed on both sides to remove excess soil and particles.
  4. The rug is pre-conditioned.
  5. The rug is submerged into “The Magic Rug Pit” for washing.
  6. The rug is rinsed, extracted and groomed.
  7. The rug is forced dry.
  8. If fringe is present, the fringe is cleaned, detailed and groomed.
  9. The rug is rolled up, packaged and ready for delivery. Once the rug is delivered to your home, our technician will roll it out and let you inspect it.